Okay so I haven’t been blogging because I have been busy working and writing my new book. And then I also have to do the boring stuff like marketing and such but anyhoo. I think it’s time for a good old fashioned rant.

First off Kanye…..Sit the fuck down. Why in the hell do we care what this sociopath thinks? Why should I have to constantly be besieged with his “visions”. And then he married Kim. We all know what I think of that thirsty THOT of all time. Them together is like the perfect storm of Tomfoolery.  So the other day I’m getting my Being Mary Jane on and I see Kanye is being honored on the BET Honors this year. Really? For being Coo Coo Pachoo? I know we can’t hold Bill Cosby up anymore but there are other black people out there. P.S. The other honoree is Usher so…..

Secondly…..Did ya’ll hear about the beef between Khloe and Amber Rose??????!!! That shit went left. It escalated so quickly. Look Khloe is my home slice and she is the ONLY Kardashian besides Mama Kris that I cut for.  But after she went in on Amber Rose over a small snippet of a 35 minute interview on the Breakfast Club, I started to lose a little respect for her. I know she goes hard for her family but when your family is full of twits and whores then you need to fall back a little bit, Ma.  Look they ASKED for Amber’s opinion on Tyga dating the infant Kylie and she gave it. I agree with her opinion. And they didn’t ask out of left field. Blacc Chyna is Amber’s friend. She would know. Anyhoo. I can’t really complain on this one because I was pulled up to my computer screen with popcorn in hand. Amber clearly won this one. She is my new fave for the way she keeps it real and the insane clown party she executed on Khloe.

Third. I am tired of people with weird ass selfies. Damn it being not cute is one thing but what is it with the extreme close ups and like only your bottom lip and shit. Its not even artistic….its just weird. And the people that are liking them are trying to bang or they are flame baiting you. Nobody actually likes that shit.

Fourth. I’m tired of people lying about working out. That shit is a slap to the face of those in the struggle.

Fifth. I have several people that post vague ass posts. EXPLAIN YOSELF!!! Even if you have to inbox an answer or stop posting that shit.

6. (Yes I switched to numbers) I am a little tired of people trying to sell me something. You say one thing like,”Hey how you doing?” and then I have this amazing deal, product yadda yadda. Nah don’t get me wrong I love when someone is trying to hook me up because a sista loves her coin but I feel like all my friends are seeing me as their next business partner or rung in a pyramid scheme instead of a friend. *sigh*

7. I hate when my friends pretend like they have read a blog or a book of mine. As far as writing books go I have written a lot (6) but for reals they are not War and Peace. They are quick reads and there is no rule against NOT reading my books and stuff so why pretend?


Woosah! Thanks for listening.



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