Damn my girl parts

Okay I have pretty much prided myself in being a dude with tits and continuously having no fucks to give.  But some where in the past ten years (after the birth of my child) I have become a blubbering emotional woman…..and I hate it! (And it’s been getting progressively worse year after year)

I cry hard at tv shows and movies and books I read.  This shit is unacceptable. I was watching Vampire Diaries and I cried so freaking hard it affected me for the rest of the day. I cried two weeks in a row. But can you blame me? Caroline’s mom died and then there was her funeral and then Bonnie finally got free!!! Okay wait, you CAN blame me cuz all of this is lame and I know it. But its my girl parts. Damn my girl parts. DAMN YOU!

Let’s not even start on Grey’s Anatomy last week. FUUUCKKK! I was crying so hard I snotted and needed to get a roll of toilet paper. I almost threw in the towel on watching Grey’s all together because they have gotten me too many damn times. I am so glad Private Practice is no longer following them (Not really !! I loved that show) cuz that was a one two punch to my tear ducts.

Okay and besides all the crying over my tv watching I have to be careful about how I react to what people say to me.  One time my husband said that I wasn’t his favorite and that he needed to call his side piece. (Before you take my girl power card, you have to realize my husband and I are sarcastic asses with a very unique sense of humor and our jokes are incredibly dark) I started crying. I knew he was joking and I was also joking and saying crazy shit but when he said that I started crying.  I didn’t want my hubbs to see me crying and taking that shit personally so I went to the restroom.

I don’t like this sensitive shit!!!!! Is this what other women have been dealing with their whole lives? I hate it, so I drown it out with bottles of wine.

Maybe that’s not the best solution.



2 thoughts on “Damn my girl parts

  1. You might need to go harder. Wine makes me more sensitive. I drown with a shot of Fireball poured in a glass of Apple Orchard. Angry Balls. That’s my drank!!!

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