I might have to admit I’m racist

So I have talked a lot about racism and it’s far reaching tentacles but its time I look at my own faults.

Okay maybe racist is not the word I’m looking for but maybe I believe in some stereotypes. Mainly because I know that stereotypes are born from something.

For instance…

I have seen the Hostel movie franchise way too many times and all the movies like it. Because of that I have a fear of traveling to Europe. Shit the girl from Taken got kidnapped from the freaking French airport. Let’s face it. My husband has a certain set of skills but they center around being a Sales and Customer Service Manager. He ain’t Liam Neesans (You have to say it plural). My ass would be dead.

And hell, what if some of those creepy ass Hostel Europeans got me. I ain’t about that life! I like my eyes in their sockets and my fingers attached to my hands. Ain’t no rich psychotic German chainsawing off my legs. No sir. I need them to walk and stuff.

I know that those movies are an exaggeration but you KNOW someone somewhere saw something remotely close and that is what inspired those movies. Yeah I can’t be an unwitting character in that story.

A part of me gets jealous when I hear about my friends taking trips to Amsterdam and France. I know some folks who backpacked their way through Europe and have lifetime memories and pictures to share. I get a little jealous. I admit it. But then I think about that scene in Hostel where a woman wearing a business suit cut off the titties of a young woman. Um NO! I need my titties.

The other day I saw a guy of obvious European descent who looked like he might be one of those kidnappy people from the movies. I crossed the street. I mean I laughed when I did it and walked back because that dude didn’t want anything from me. He was just minding his own business. A little while later, he was walking back to his car and I saw him eyeing not only me but a couple of blonde ladies. In my mind, he was pricing us. He could fetch more for them than me but he could get a pretty penny for all of us. I hurried my steps and ironically so did the cute blonde chicks. They must have seen Hostel, too.

Anyhoo, I fully understand that this is the equivalent of white ladies thinking all black men want to rape them and I’m ashamed of myself. It is irrational but in my defense I still look in gutters for clowns too.

Shit! Maybe I need to stop looking at TV.




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