Quickie: Marriage is Hard

Okay so everyone knows I’ve been married since I was ten…. LOL. I get a lot of questions on how I stay married. They say I make it look easy. Well Newsflash. It ain’t.

So I’m going to share with you an imperfection. Here’s my new gripe. (I have a million of them)

My husband will bypass me every morning only saying Bye and have a good day but not hugging me or kissing  me before he goes. But he will literally wait on my daughter to come downstairs if he thinks she’s up to hug her.

Now I’m not saying I’m jealous of my daughter but I kinda am. Maybe I need to be naked in the morning when he leaves so I can get a hug. But then he would give me a hug in the vagina with his penis.

And that’s how we got my daughter so….that would just add to my dilemma.

The Circle of Life. *Kanye Shrug*



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