Ain’t no future in yo frontin.

Okay so…..

I am an author but I am also a real person with real friends. And I also have a day job. I’m working on writing being my only job but….I like money.

Anyhoo. I have been seeing more and more people that claim this or that accomplishment. Like I’m an actor (Yet you ain’t been in shit. Movie, Commercial, TV spot, pilot, infomercial, play, school play—NOTHING).

You a model…..( I seen them pics) NO

You a celebrity of some sort. aka Promoter. Uh huh.

And my all time favorite. I’m a writer/author. Look I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle but this is something that is near and dear to my heart. I work very hard at this. And I have had people (who have since been dropped) who have tried to bring me down by saying I am not legitimate and what not. Then they check my record and see oh “She for real.” Then comes the I’m a writer too.  Okay. Well….Good luck with that.

No really, Good Luck.

I just don’t understand the reason for the frontin. Be who you are. When I was just a recruiter. I was just a recruiter. That’s it.



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