Chubby Fine

I have been on a workout journey for the past few years. I officially started in 2010. My goal was to get healthy (which I did). But then I wanted to get my old body back from before baby. I don’t think that will ever happen.

Anyhoo, I never had a weight problem before I had a baby but my thyroid decided to take a trip to Mexico without me. I have been on meds to regulate my issues and it helps but it does not fix it.

In 2013, I lost 55 lbs. I was only 7 lbs away from my goal weight. But then….Food. Well food and life and lack of money to eat right….and that pesky thyroid.

I gained back a whopping thirty pounds. I workout consistently but my eating has been horrible at times and right on point at other times. I am what I call Chubby fine. The thickness is real but I can still be considered sexy.

I want to have another baby. My last baby. I want to have a healthy pregnancy so I am back on track. My last pregnancy I didn’t gain but 17 pounds but I wound up with gestational diabetes…. and I was skinny.  Can you believe that?! So I want to lose a bit more weight so that I can have the healthiest pregnancy that I can.

I’m thinking about posting my progress. But I have several reservations about sharing them with the world.

We’ll see.



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