Totally Random Vol. 9

Okay so I work from home, right? Yesterday some lady comes to my house looking for my Mom.

First off she was knocking on the door like the damn law. I snatched that door open and gave her the stank eye. You know the “Bitch I will cut you” face?  The lady starts asking about my Mom. I told her she just left and she will be back in twenty minutes. She asked me was I sure?

Look Bitch! I’m working. I have no time to play games with you. Then hold on to ya panties. She says that she saw my mom leave in the gray car.


I say again….she just left. She will be back in 20 minutes. She then asked me if I could call her.

NO. She will be back in 20 minutes and I have to go. I start to close the door but she continues to talk.  I was like sorry but I have to go. (again)

Then the lady (little does she know she was half a second from meeting my Pimp hand) asks me if I can call her when my Mom gets back.

did this bitch


I’m not doing that.  But you can come back in 20 minutes like I told you.

She then asks me what my name is. None of your damned business. I don’t know you. It’s more than enough that you know where I live and I have never laid eyes on you before. Don’t make me ask you inside, beat that ass and then call the cops on you. I will do that.

Anhyhoo…. She finally leaves and I am able to get back to work. Exactly 14 minutes later she comes back beating on my freaking front door. I rip the door open.

She asks me if my Mom is back. Bitch did you see her freaking Gray car in the driveway? No? Then she ain’t back. Quit bothering me.


Then a few minutes later (ironically 5 minutes after I closed the door) my mom comes back.

If she had of just waited like I freaking said, I could have been saved all this frustration.





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