Totally Random Vol. 10

Okay so every now and again I think about dating.  I think that maybe if I were single, I would date my husband. But maybe my tastes have changed. Don’t get me wrong I’m not taking applications but I do think I like men who know what they want and try to get it. My husband has what he wants already so the man that he is today is not necessarily the one he was when we met.

But if I were single me looking to date single Hubbs, would that work out? Maybe? He is the one that won me for life like a prize from a carnival game. So he would probably do it again.

I like a good conversation. You know intelligence with the right amount of seduction thrown in. Tell me you want me….a lot (without being annoying). No shit talking about how good you are in bed! EVER! But if we ARE having sex talk…tell me what you’re going to do to me.

Excite my mind and the rest will follow. But having the skills to pay the bills does NOT HURT. In fact, it is a must if you want to keep me. But you also have to make me laugh. Or understand my sense of humor. You have to not be annoyed that I can laugh heartily over pretty much anything. And also appreciate my darkness.

My husband does that and that’s why we’re still together and probably why we would date if I were single.

But then again….I’m not the same woman I was back then. I was a lot to handle then and I am waay more now. So if I were single I would probably stay single. Good thing I’m not….


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