Go Fund me…. Go Fund yoself

So I have to say I have had it up to here (I’m holding my hand above my head) with GoFundMe. I was almost was at my limit with all the cancer people asking for money to pay for their treatment because I have a deep and ingrained distrust of people so I always think those things are a scam. But at least that is for a cause. Albeit maybe a fake one.

But lately…..

I have been seeing more and more people with these GoFundMe’s and I’m thinking….This sounds like a YP. (Your Problem).

I mean what happened to the days when we made a plan to get the things we need and want. What happened to working hard  for what we want?

I mean GoFundMe is the electronic equivalent of begging with a sign on the corner. I kinda want to reserve that for the people with no legs or the truly homeless. Someone who just needs a car….No.

One person (who is my friend and probably will probably read this) got robbed and started a GoFundMe to replace their stuff. And I immediately flashed back to when I got robbed and the hoodlums took my new TV and my husband’s XBox and all his games and accessories. The thought never entered my mind to ask people to help me replace my shit. Like not even a little bit.

I don’t know…maybe I’m irked because I got my stuff back by saving and paying for it. They got their stuff back by other people working hard and paying for it and that just goes against my personal sensibilities.

One person had a GoFundMe to go on vacation…. Um… I haven’t been on a real vacation in six years. If I am contributing to anything it will be my own personal getaway.

Maybe instead of GoFundMe’s floating through my timeline y’all should invest in getting a SugarDaddy like the rest of the populace. LOL I’m just joking.

Anyhoo….that is just my two cents.

Update: As I was typing this blog yesterday, I turned on Dr. Phil. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a chick on there who lied about having cancer and had a GoFundMe that raised 5K for her non-existent cancer treatments.




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