Flashback Friday

Okay so I was talking to a friend about thirsty men and the stuff they do….LOL

Well I have talked about this memory (For Flashback Friday) before but I want to share the whole story.

When I was in my early twenties I met a guy who became infatuated with me. He was a young white guy (not that that makes any difference) that was obsessed with making a mixed baby with me.

Now let me back up a minute, I was married and had no intention of doing anything with this guy. I met him while I was at work. He used to come in everyday at the same time with his buddies and ask me questions…essentially flirting. I thought he was just bored and passing his lunch break talking.

But soon enough I realized he wasn’t just passing time but that he really liked me. He had slipped me his number more than once but I never kept it He got his friend to get my number from another co-worker. The first time he called me I was surprised but a little flattered at his tenacity. That was before I understood what thirst really was.

I talked to him for a few minutes then got off the phone. I told him my husband wouldn’t appreciate him calling me but all he did was stop calling. He didn’t stop coming to see me. Everyday for months. Soon I got promoted and changed departments so I was in a back office and he couldn’t see me anymore. That is when things got….different.

He started calling me in the office all the time. We had a receptionist so he couldn’t call me directly. He would use fake names to get through when I stopped taking his calls. One night, I went out to the club with my girls and he was there. He tried to pretend like it was a coincidence. I wasn’t that young and dumb. I didn’t believe that for one second. I thought it was weird but he bought me and my friends drinks all night. We used him for the drinks and then moved on to the next club. I didn’t see him there and was relieved.

Things got quiet after that. I forgot about him.  Then one night, I decided to work a late night shift for extra money. Keep in mind this was not a regular shift because I had gotten promoted. When I left work at 1:30 am, I saw him. He was waiting for me in the parking lot. By my car. How did he know where I parked? How did he know I was working that night? How did he know what time I was off?

But he was waiting for me in a brand new custom painted Lexus. It was the exact car that I mentioned in PASSING to him over one of those lunches. The exact color, style, everything.  He gave that car to me that night. And when I mean gave…I mean gave. It had my name on the paperwork and everything. (Spelled correctly)

So, I did the right thing and didn’t accept the car but I thought about it. Oh, yeah I thought about it. I even presented my hubbs with a hypothetical. You know, what would you say if someone bought me a new car…..

Anyhoo,  I didn’t take it. The guy asked me several times. then he sold the car to a dealership on the corner of where I worked so I would have to see it everyday until it got sold. The night he gave me the car he was talking about marrying me and having a baby girl that looked like me with his blue eyes and a son that was the perfect shade of brown.

Um….. I was scared. I had security walk me to my car at night and instructed the front desk to never let his calls through. After two months he finally realized I wasn’t interested. He would have to pass on his dream girl.

All that being said…..what I learned is if a guy wants to buy you a car without so much as a hug, he may not have all his marbles.

And also years later…..I still think maybe I should have taken the car.


Happy Friday!



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