Everyone ain’t able…..

So the other day one of my family members posted what was supposed to be a joke or a burn about people who couldn’t afford to make it to see blue water.

There is a beach near Houston called Galveston and admittedly it is not the best beach but it is a beach and there are fun activities to do. This post basically was like why is yo poor ass checking in at Galveston with all that dirty brown water. You need to do better and go see some blue water.

I made a joke and said that everybody ain’t able so until then I will be checking in with the poor folk at Galveston. The responses from my family member and his friend were that everyone is able. You just need to plan and prepare.

Well…I am the queen of planning. I plan everything. And I know that sometimes life provides you with what you need not what you want. You have to be responsible about things. The friend bust out with saying if you can buy weave, makeup and get your nails done then you can take a vacation. Well what if you don’t buy all that stuff but instead are buying food and paying rent? Are you supposed to not do those things to see blue water?

Then they both were like I was limiting myself and them with my small minded thinking and basically saying that black folk are always saying what they can’t do. Further more saying Everybody ain’t able is annoying.


I don’t think being responsible is a black oppression technique. Anyhoo, I really wasn’t hating on them and their vacation taking all– I was saying was that people who are working and striving to make ends meet can’t exactly take off to Jamaica. But if they are able to go to Galveston then let them be happy. No need to make them feel like shit for that. They are making memories for their family in a way they can afford.

I think they thought that they were teaching me a lesson. Honestly, in my lifetime I have seen blue water many times and plan on going back.  But to those that can’t….Galveston is just fine.

Also my family member said that he has taught people HOW to go on vacay and that anyone can do it. I asked him to inbox me details…..I’m waiting. I’m always looking for ways to save a coin. And let’s be honest….I need a vacay.


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