Everyone chill the hell out about Caitlyn

Okay so, I almost wrote this two days ago but I felt like maybe I will keep my opinion to myself. But…then when does that happen?

First off, let me say this is not an attack on Bruce’s decision. I WANT everyone to be happy and if this makes him happy then do you Bruce. Do you. My thing is that from listening to him talk makes me believe this man needs therapy not a sex change. He needs to spend a few years being able to speak openly to a professional and maybe dressing as a woman but still remaining a man.

He sounds confused and unsure and a little delusional. I feel like he is getting swept up in the hype that is surrounding him and may make a decision that he would regret in a few years. Before Bruce even did “The Interview” I was reading up on something I had never heard of called Re-Transitioning which is where a person returns to the gender they were born with.


Also check out this interesting blog:


I think maybe Bruce will be looking into this subject in a couple of years.

Okay and something else I have been thinking about this is how no one can make jokes or have an opinion before the media (and regular folks) jump on that person and beat them into submission.

Drake Bell

Look I kinda feel like people are being hypocrites. How was it okay for everyone and their mama to make jokes about Bruce as a cuckolded, has-been athlete man but we can’t make jokes about him as a (new) woman? He’s the same person. Drake’s tweet wasn’t even that bad. Everyone just needs to chill the hell out.

Also I am over hearing about this. Why couldn’t he be like Chaz Bono and do one interview about it and then live his life. When we have seen stories about Chaz it has been about his weight gain/loss. Not…..Vanity Fair. or well GQ in Chaz’s case. I just want Bruce to live and do what he does like everyone else. I mean isn’t that what we are trying to say anyway? He’s normal like any other woman? Then get a job and worry about getting a fat ass and getting fucked too hard or not enough like the rest of us girls.

And then the way people are treating Kris makes my stomach turn. This woman was married to this man for over 20 years! He was her life partner and he LIED to her. She took the blame for taking Bruce’s “balls” but he wanted to chop them off! He was unhappy not because of her but because he was living a lie. Nobody is understanding that this woman has to grieve her loss. And it sucks because she is feeling like the last 26 years of her life was a lie. That nothing was real….and she is partly right! And people are coming out with these memes talking about Bruce looking better than her.when-your-ex-husband-looks-better-than-youY’all are dead ass wrong. I guarantee when y’all see Caitlyn on the street you ain’t gonna be saying that. That is just pouring salt in this woman’s open wound. That’s okay Kris…go ride your big bootied black man and count your money after you cum.

Finally…..the Facebook people. I swear. *sigh* Why are y’all lying? I know many of my Facebook folks would not sit next to a gay guy. If they saw a Trans person on Montrose they would walk the other way. Sadly, I know a few people that would react in violence if a woman they were dating revealed she was trans. But they are all on Facebook calling Bruce a hero? No. Quit lying. You don’t really believe that. And he is not an American hero. The men and women that risk and lay down their lives for us so that we can be free to discover who we are in our 60’s are the American Heroes. If he were revealing any other secret about himself people would just call him a liar.

Anyhoo…that is just my half a cent.



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