Totally Random Vol. 11

Here  is the randomness that has been floating around my head….You’re Welcome.

Okay so….I have been married for like a million years.  A gazillion trillion years. Basically since I was born. When the hubbs and I first got together we used to kiss like for hours. It was so freaking hot. Making out was a part of our routine. We would kiss each other hello and goodbye and Hey I just saw you but I want to kiss you again.

Now…..we rarely kiss. I miss it. I think kissing is important. Maybe I can be the one to initiate the kiss comeback tour of 2015.

I had a dream last that I was sexy AF! (That’s As Fuck) I don’t usually just think I am beautiful. I mean I have my moments where I’m feeling myself Bey style but mostly I just think I’m okay. But in this dream I was that BITCH! I was werking it and so sexy I wanted to touch myself. I woke up this morning invigorated in my spirit. I wanted to work out and hit it hard. Maybe my brain was telling my body…”We can do this shit!”

Okay and this is so random but….I was thinking about single folk.  How do you have sex for the first time with someone and automatically give oral or do anal. Do you just suspend reality and not think about their hygiene? I mean did they wash properly first?




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