Chubby Fine #2

I have been asked about what I do for weightloss and healthy living.

Okay I’m gonna be completely honest.  I workout between 3 and 5 times a week. Sometimes I get lazy.  Sometimes I get busy. Sometimes I eat like a fatty.

But here’s my philosophy….I can not JUST eat clean. I just can’t. I love food and I know how to cook, so I eat. Now I do eat healthy the majority of the time but every now and then I eat nachos. Ahhhhhh Nachos *Homer Simpson voice*  Sometimes I eat Ice cream and holy hell I try to eat brownies once a month. But I don’t always do it.

And yes I work out. But I am no “Follow me on Instagram” workout professional. In fact, every workout I feel like I am going to die. Every workout I want to quit. I’m not exaggerating. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Some days I never catch my second wind. The other day I went on my regular four mile run and two miles in, I literally felt like I was going to die. I was talking to God and asking him not to let me die in front of my child. I contemplated sitting my ass on the side of the road and calling an Uber to come pick me up. But alas, I pulled myself together and put one foot in front of the other and made it home.

It was not my best moment. In fact, that is why I never post workout videos and very few after photos because my workout process is not pretty. It never is. My best moments and feelings of accomplishment come after I have showered and recovered.  But I was asked what I do when I work out.

I workout a lot at home because I do not belong to a gym. I do a lot of fast paced walking and short term running. I can’t do long runs because I have a bad knee. I run and walk in different places outside. I change the scenery a lot. I walk through the woods. I run through my neighborhood.  I go to various parks.  And then of course I use my faithful treadmill. I am a fan of HiiT workouts because they are short and burn a lot of calories. Also I get bored quickly and I can always find a different HiiT workout on the internet.

And finally I was asked about my results…. I started my workout journey in 2010 but really took it seriously in 2013. I lost 58lbs going hard. Unfortunately, in the last 2 years I gained back 30 lbs.  Because I continue to workout I didn’t look bad but I was definitely bigger.

Since I have recommitted I have lost 10lbs. I started back in the second week of May. I think that is fabulous. I have 20lbs to go. But I really want to get to my ultimate goal weight so I think I will lose an additional 10lbs.

My husband told me he did not want me to be skinny.  So I will try and keep my chubby fine going. I really don’t think I can get down to what I once was before baby but I can be that thick chick that turns some heads.

Well….there you go!



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