Things have meaning

Okay so I have been gone for a minute ….mainly because I have been busy as hell but also I didn’t feel like blogging.  I usually talk about things that are going on or stuff people are talking about.

Let’s face facts here….it’s not good for black people right now. (We had a moment with Obama but besides that…) And the things that are going on now and what people are talking about have angered and depressed me.

Black people are being shot up at church. Black people are being shot by the police. Black people are being harassed at pool parties. White people are pretending to be black and making a mockery of the real black struggle.

It has been really hard for me to be calm and not just rant a bunch of negativity because of the hurt and pain I feel. But over the past couple of weeks I have been hearing, talking about and seeing some things that are concerning to me and I finally felt the need to blog about it.

People it is important to know what things mean. Know the history. Yes, we are progressing as time moves on but racism is still alive and kicking. Only the ire and outrage about racism is dissipating. This is because we don’t pay attention in school (if the real history is even being taught) and no one is taking the time to educate at home anymore and in general people are too lazy or too apathetic to learn about the history of this country.

I have seen plenty of people on my personal FB feed talking about the Confederate flag needing to be left alone. The white people I can understand. That flag IS a part of their history and heritage. It represents a legacy of hate but it is their historical reference. But the brown people??????  What in the entire fuck? You think the confederates liked Mexican people? And you black people riding for it???.  I just shake my head. You KNOW how they felt about you!

The Confederate Flag (and all of its incarnations) was the BANNER for the confederate army. You know the army that fought to KEEP slavery? You know…SLAVERY?!

I know people who brandish the Confederate flag proudly, even on their bodies, talking bout its our heritage. Wait for it…..These people are not white that I’m speaking of. They were Mexican. And not just one or two people but multiple. I was just at a loss for words.

And then there is the Duke’s of Hazard effect….. People up in arms about the toys being pulled and reruns being taken off the air. You have to know who that show was for and not for. Yes, it is a good childhood memory. I know every word to the theme song.  But the car was called the General Lee. If you don’t know who that is, please look it up. One of the best things that I ever learned about him (in school) was what a good man he was supposed to have been. A good man that owned slaves WILLINGLY that he could have set free but thought it was God’s will that black people be slaves.

We may not need to take Duke’s  off the air but know what’s up. Know that if you were black living in the time of that show, Boss Hog was definitely not your friend and the “Good Old Boys” would probably not let you ride in their car. Watch the show and enjoy it but be in the KNOW! What I find funny about the whole thing is I bet 90% of the folks mad ain’t seen that show since they were kids and didn’t even know it still came on. Y’all ain’t on TV land and CMT waiting for it to come on with your popcorn ready. GTFOH

In my opinion, if we did start taking everything racist off the air there would be nothing left on TV. LOL

Hell, one of my mom’s favorites was All in the Family and Archie said Nigger on that show.  Or my all time favorite cartoon Tom & Jerry. That I watch with my kids to THIS day. Racist AF.

tom and jerryracisttomjerry

You gotta know what this shit means and take the time to teach your kids.  You bet your sweet ass racists are teaching their kids what it means and how to hate.  Teach yours to be aware and to know what to avoid and most importantly how to love.

Listen, I know that people are in a rush for equality. Racial, Gender and Sexual but in our rush to make everything okay we are accepting anything and everything. You have to know that symbols of hate are not okay. And you shouldn’t stand up for them. If you need a topic to shake a fist at… just pick one. Legal injustice, Police Brutality, Human Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery, Poverty, Hunger, Corporate and Government Greed, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, That girl that got drug all over the ground with a knee in her back for being at a pool party in Texas. You can sit down for the Confederate Flag and stuff named after Robert E. Lee. Or as my bestie says….You can have several seats.

Speaking of….Here’s a good read on Robert E. Lee.——–>New York Times-Robert E. Lee


Just my two cents….Lemme get back to writing about love and hot sex.



4 thoughts on “Things have meaning

  1. Oh my gosh! Yes!!! The only thing I (a white woman born and raised in he south) disagree with is that you understand white people fighting to keep the confederate flag flying.

  2. Sorry! The above statement was incomplete — my phone cut off in the middle, but I was so moved by your post, I wanted to come back. I feel awful that a fraction got posted… Anyway. I’ll continue. Let me clarify. I think it’s big of you to say you understand that white people want to keep it around because it’s part of their heritage. I wish white people would shut the F up defending this BS with the heritage argument. Heritage doesn’t mean squat when it’s a symbol that represents HATE. I don’t give a flying flip about people’s heritage when the symbol they’re defending is hurtful to a very large percentage of people who have just as much right to say they want it taken down. And I absolutely agree that people need to know what is up. Know what you’re defending. Know the history. Get educated. Parents educate your children. You better believe I’m having a few sit-downs with my little white males about why this piece of hate will not be tolerated in our home. I was at a family gathering recently and I had white people looking at me (I’m also white, but whatev) like I was from another planet because I said I thought the confederate flag needed to go. Like, these people truly had no idea why it was offensive and had the audacity to say that everybody’s too worried about being politically correct these days. Umm…I’m sorry, but I”m not sure what rock everybody’s been living under (actually, I do — it’s called institutionalized racism and I only learned about this when I was close to 30 and getting my Master’s in Social Work, but I digress…) but how can you not have an inkling of what this flag represents, and how can you lack the insight and compassion now that you are hearing that YES, it’s offensive and YES seeing it is hurtful to not get behind taking it down?! Don’t tell me it’s heritage or tradition or what ever (I hope it’s clear I’m using *you* generally) Okay, off my soapbox. Really good post.

  3. I love everything about this comment. You are the reason I have hope for my children’s future. We (Americans–all of us) need to stand together not rip each other apart. Education is such a big part of that. I am so glad you are teaching your boys. And thank you for speaking out against the flag and actually know that it’s not just a relic from the past but a current symbol of hate.

  4. Thank you for responding and for writing this. Between getting cut off in the middle of the first comment, and my significant other discussing our personal budget while I was writing the second one, I was afraid I might not have written what I was trying to say clearly enough. But it sounds like you got what I was attempting to say. And as for what you said in your reply, all of us need to stand together, I wholeheartedly agree. Peace and love to you, my friend.

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