I’m your best friend?

Okay so I’m actually kind of scared to write this blog because there is 96% chance the person its about will read it but what the heck. This is how I roll. On Front St. and Blast Blvd.


I recently had a conversation with a person who out of the blue told me I was their best friend. I was unaware that was how things worked. Isn’t best friendship a mutual thing?

I mean I have known this person for a while. Years even but I rarely see them. And I understand friends barely see each other sometimes. My real bestie and I don’t see each other that often because she lives in another city but I talk to her everyday and if I don’t talk to her then I feel the loss. Like my day ain’t right.

I don’t think I talked to this person in all of 2013. And I definitely know I didn’t talk to them from like 08-10. I just don’t know. And then there was this moment of true awkwardness when the confession was made…

Them:  “You are my best friend.”

Me: …..


I felt bad because in my world this person doesn’t even come close. Like not even top 10. Like I could name 10 people off the top of my head that I would be closer with than this person. Then my mind start to wonder….

Why are you just NOW telling me this? What is your motivation? What do you hope to gain? Are you lying or do you really feel this way?

I can’t help it I am writer who doesn’t trust anyone. I see plots like that little kid saw dead people.

Then I started to feel bad because maybe I was being neurotic and a little crazy pants. I will admit sometimes (not often) I can go down that road…but I’m usually right which leads me back to my earlier questions.

I still have to wonder though, If you are best friends with someone, shouldn’t that person know?

Shit, maybe I’m just a kick ass friend.




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