Vanishing Act

Okay so….

I’m that person who is the Alpha, overachiever and such…. It’s not really from the need to be in charge but rather the lack of other people stepping up.

This can result in me being the everything person. Meaning in my world people do things or don’t do things because they KNOW I’m there to pick up the pieces. This happens everywhere…. At home, work, in relationships…

It gets tiresome. The older I get the more I realize  that I have been stepping us since I was six years old. That is a long frigging time. And then I started thinking (because I do that a lot), what if I didn’t anymore? What if I just vanished?

Not like for reals go MIA but like stopped doing all the things that I do and only concentrated on me. What if all the decisions I made were for me and not the benefit of someone else? What would that look like? A total disappearing act. A Gone Girl.

Then I snap back to reality. If I actually did that, I would wake up in an episode of Hoarders with CPS knocking on my door. Only to open that door and see an eviction notice on it.



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