My open letter to Common (Sense)

So I had a dream that I met Common. For most of y’all you know him as the cute black dude on Hell on Wheels but I knew him when….

Anyway back to my dream.  It was so real. I saw him and ran up to him rapid fire speaking on how he affected my life in one way or another. I woke up thinking how true that was. More specifically how he is interwoven in my relationship with my husband. I decided to write this open letter to Common, realizing at the same time it was a love letter to my Hubbs.

I fell in love with you back when you still had sense. I remember the year was 1997 when I first heard One Day It’ll All Make Sense. I was trying to pull away from liking the same thing my older brother liked and I ventured into a music store called Wherehouse  music or maybe it was Soundwaves but it was across from Northline Mall. I felt six degrees cooler just stepping foot in there. I went to the Hip Hop section trying to find something “New”. I pulled the record and stepped up to the listening station. The first song I heard was All night Ft. Erykah Badu. That sealed the deal for me. I went to pay for my find and earned a head nod from the cashier.  I played All Night on repeat…all night.

……Common Sense and Badu

Then I met my Hubbs that next year. He was a true Hip Hop Head into stuff that I had no clue about. He was into Soulquarians and Slum Village and I was into whatever was not that. LOL. I just didn’t know about it yet or how my love for Common Sense was intertwined with them. But I soon learned that My future Hubbs and I would reach common ground (you see what I did there) with Common Sense. I remember how cool I felt when he said, “Whatchu know about Common?”

Then came Like Water For Chocolate….Jesus! This record changed everything. I was young and in love and this was everything. I pretty much rapped every lyric to every song on this record. Every time I hear The Light I can’t help but smile. This became the soundtrack to my love. Me and the Hubbs were newly weds. This song was everything from our ringtones (and still is) to our love notes. I would text him…I ain’t the type to wear matching shirts  and he would text back But I will match your worth. People would look at us crazy because I would I walk up to him and whisper Ticka Ty Ticka Ty Ticka Te Ty and he would whisper back I’ll tell you the rest when I see you.

…..The sex ain’t gone keep you but as my equal I must treat you

Hearing your father spit that hot truth on the end of each record had me but when I found out Pops’ name was Lonnie and so was your gov’ment name—my mind was blown. Here I was making all this sweet love with my Lonnie TO Lonnie, was super crazy. Yeah my husband’s name is Lonnie. All that together just solidified my super fandom.

Then I had an argument with my man because he went through a phase of listening to I used to love HER on freaking repeat. Rapping it over and over. Discussing it with his friends. I was aggravated until I stopped hating and actually listened to the song. Yeah it was about Hip Hop and not about a girl as I previously thought. Let me live, this song came out in 1994 and I was introduced to you in 1997.

I remember my Lonnie and I had an argument about Electric Circus because I wanted to like it but I just didn’t. I felt like it was beyond me in so many ways and he wanted me to open my mind. He was right although I will never tell him. I liked Aquarius and The Dreamer but I had to listen to this album with new ears. Once I did I began to understand what you were trying to do. I understood that I couldn’t put you in my own Hip Hip Box. That you were an artist and you needed to grow. I just wanted to feel the love like I did with Water for Chocolate. Update….I have gone back and listened to this album  (many times) and truly appreciated the genius involved there. Kudos.

Then  came my turn to annoy the hell out of my Hubbs with a Common song. I swear on my life Be spoke to me on another level. Maybe I was ready to be in love again but damn if I didn’t instantly connect with this record. I loved it so much that I jammed it away from my Hubbs. He couldn’t even listen to it no mo. Okay so seriously….I listened to Testify so many times the Hubbs exploded on me. He wanted to know how I could keep listening to the song over and over. Once I heard it I knew the SHE was the Queen Pin. But that song was the freaking JAM! And she was bad ass. Then in the video…..It was Taraji!!! Before she was Cookie and her name was freaking Mrs. Washington!!!! MY LAST NAME!!!! (My Gov’ment name) Hubbs made me vow to listen to it in my headphones but dude….I CAN’T DO IT! That whole album…..every damn song is my JAM. But especially TESTIFY!!!

……..before you lock my love away.

Finding Forever……I want you… This song reminds of well…. doing Grown Folks Thangs. I did my special brand of dance for the Hubbs to this song. Yes Lawd.

I could go on and on but then this letter would be too long. I just wanted to say Thank you for being apart of my life and writing a soundtrack to my love.






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