My Sexual Cycle

Okay so….I do a lot research about sex because of the material that write. And then I share most of that stuff with you guys.

So we have what’s called a sexual cycle. Basically when you want to get it on. Men and women are different. Of course, no surprises there. But most women get the stigma of never wanting sex which is just not true. I guess the key is understanding WHEN we want it.

So as I said, everyone is different.  I’ll share mine so that you can figure out yours. See what sacrifices I make for y’all?

Okay so as far as time of day……I am more of an afternoon and night time person. Mainly because I like sleep more than sex. It wasn’t always like that though. I used to want to do it in the morning but like not the moment my eyes popped open. I needed to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth first. This made the hubbs frustrated because apparently guys can just roll over and get it on.

Now as far as frequency goes…..  I may be more complicated than most or easier depending on how you look at it.

I pretty much want to have sex every day of my life and the more good sex I get the more I want it. But life, kids, bills and dumb shit gets in the way. So time can build up between getting some.  The closer I get to the two week mark of not getting that Vitamin D the crazier I get. And I have no idea why I’m acting all aggravated. And then I check my phone (yes there’s an App for that) and I’m like, “Ohhhhh! I need to get laid.”

Then let’s say husbandry, work and stress make me head into weeks three and four without getting what I need…. I start having uncontrollable urges to dress sexy. I start doubling up my porn time which leads into doubling up on my me time. Then I start flirting with random people.  Everybody starts to look like a possibility. Men and women. Friends and strangers. I start having dreams….Yeah those. This two week deadline is serious business. It gets crazy.

And if more unfortunate circumstances happen and the hubbs doesn’t give it up and I make it past a month. Then I become the sexual camel. All that horniness just goes away like when you have bubble guts out in public and you have to hold it and then it goes to that place….you know wherever bubble guts go until they come back on you with a vengeance.

My max has been two months without sex. I really don’t want to know or experience the lack of getting it on past that. Usually around the month and a half mark by mind starts telling my body to put out. I will get a pimple. No lie. I will actually break out. Then the dreams start again. In essence, the horniness comes back like those damn bubble guts.

Anyhoo, there’s my sex cycle. Now figure yours out. Happy sexin!


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