I see stupid people…..

Okay so I’m not really sure if I have blogged about this before but I feel the need to talk about stupid people.

I’m not talking about Ignut ass acting folks (we’ll talk about them at a later time) but actually not smart people.

It has been irking me that I’m not rich and I see a lot of folks that are  but they’re dumb as hell and I wonder…..Why Jesus? Why didn’t you pick me? I’m smart and I deserve it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not poor and I am highly thankful for what I have but it took hard work and me being smart to get here. But when I look around and see people getting that chedda that I have to actually wonder how they make it thru each day…I get a little envious. I know its a trap designed to get me off my path but dang.

Lets start thinking of it on a small scale. We all know that one manager at work that LITERALLY knows nothing about there own job or the job that you do. They will ask you questions that will have you wondering….”How do you even work here?” and “What do you actually do here?” You know the person that has to get “help” with everything. Or the “Do me a favor?” guy.  You know the one that never knows the answer to anything? The one that will turn to you in a meeting when HIS boss asks HIM a question?

I worked at this one place where the manager would come to my desk EVERY day and ask me how to do reports that only HE had access to. Because they were HIS job only.  So I had to LEARN how to do them to teach him how to do them and he still came to me for help. Then turn around and ask me to print them…..I had to use his access code to do it. Again, because it was his job. Stupid. How do you make six figures and drive an E class?

On a slightly larger scale, I see a lot of stupid celebrities. A LOT! Like they may be (or actually be) illiterate. But at least I can say those people have a skill. Except for the Kardashians. See that shit right there makes me hate life. You can’t do hair or something? Anything?! You’re famous for being famous and rich from selling shit from being famous. It makes me want to curse my own soul.

I work so hard at everything I do and they’re family trade is sex , clothes and plastic surgery.  They’re so stupid they’re geniuses.  Like they’ve dumbed their way to the other side!

Anyhoo, rant over. With more and more stupid people having kids, I fear for our future. No one thinks school and education is important anymore. Words are losing their meaning and fresh ideas are hard to come by. But there are a handful of people doing the damn thing and my hope lies with them.



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