But why tho? Vol.3

This one is going to be a quickie. I am supposed to be gone doing stuff but instead I am sitting here scrolling through FB with no pants on. True story.

Okay so….. I hate liars. Now before I get poo poo-ed, I know everybody lies every once in a while.  So I am not that far up on my high horse but I still hate it.

I don’t understand it. In most cases it’s easier to tell the truth. And in my case I usually know what the answer is already before I ask you the question just to see if you’re going to lie.

For instance, I was talking to one of my friends about something that was going on between us. (Not giving details this time) And I asked her if she knew what happened with another one of our friends. She looked me dead in my face and said no. Now I already knew she knew. So I gave her another chance and said come on, it’s just me and you. Do you know? And she said no again.

And when the truth came out she was trying to cover and say it wasn’t her place to tell me. Well….if she really felt that way then that’s what she should have said when I asked the first time. Why lie?

Another example is when I asked a friend if they’d been to a certain place with someone we knew and the friend said no before I even got to the part where I was going to say I saw them together. I was shocked and thrown off like…What?! Yes you did! Why are you lying about that?

Then the other day I was talking with one of my long time friends about another person we’ve known a long time.  And with us comparing notes….and my friend being better than the freaking FBI when it comes to finding stuff out….we discovered that our mutual friend was a complete fraud. Like she put together this whole I’m so good image but she just a regular hood rat. In this case I understand the cause of the lie just not the need to lie. We are all out chere trying to make it. No need to lie to impress. Just be yourself.

Anyhoo…that’s my 2 cents.






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