Totally Random #13

I have been gone for a while….you miss me?

Okay so….I had an interesting conversation the other day and then something happened that tied in with that convo that made me laugh.

Here’s the deal. One of my friends who is married has a friendship with one of her husband’s friends. Now everything is on the up and up. No one is secretly talking to anyone behind the husband’s back but the friend calls the wife and vice versa. They also text and message each other daily. As she was telling me this, I was thinking how this could go left so easily.

I have been in this situation so many times….

In fact, I used to be that person to argue and say that we can all be friends and everything will be okay. However, I have been shown that is foolhardy. Before I was married I broke up a life long friendship between my boyfriend and his best friend. We all hung out only a couple of times and then the friend was calling me (I was not sure how he got my number). At first it was innocent with the friend trying to coordinate a dinner. But then he was texting me “Good Morning”. Then he was calling me talking about I was on his mind. I told the boyfriend who commenced to arguing with his friend and they had an epic fight that I don’t think they ever recovered from.

I later found out he knew my boyfriend was cheating and the friend felt I deserved more. Which I did. But he felt that more was him. I had to pass on both the boyfriend and the friend.

Anyhoo, I told my friend that she needs to be careful because feelings develop out of nowhere and she could wind up in a situation she is not prepared for.  I do think men and women can be friends but I also think you need to be careful and aware of the situation.

So after I dispensed from all this info….I got a message from one of my Hubbs friends. It was super innocent but I had to laugh….



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