Keeping it real….invisible

Okay so the other day one of my friends posted a meme saying (and I’m paraphrasing) when she finds her real love no one will know until she’s engaged.

I thought that was a sad notion. Love shouldn’t be about hiding your man from the world. And believe me this is just my opinion — you shouldn’t be telling your friends (and thirsty bitches) about how big your man’s dick is and how good he gives it to you but you can tell people you have someone.

It’s weird that the world is set up now that a woman feels like she has to keep her relationship secret.

The only relationships that are secret are one’s that are on the down low aka a side piece or cheaters. Or if he is ashamed of you or you of him. When you have found the right mate he wants to tell everyone about you and you want to brag on him. I have known a couple of people who have had “private” relationships and each one of those ended in burning flames.

Things in secret have a negative connotation to them and that does not bode well for a loving environment. Maybe I’m wrong….

I just know that if my husband wasn’t telling people he was with me and I had to refer to him as “Him” then I would drop him like a bag of rocks. LOL



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