Side Pieces

Okay so….I have been doing research about relationships.  I have found some good things out and some not so good things.

I’m thinking of writing a romance novel that has a modern twist to it so I’ve been asking a lot questions….

What I have found is that the average amount  of times that people have sex per week is 3.  I have found out that the couples that do mundane things together are the happiest and that some couples are completely different…..

So let’s talk about it.  Dudes have side pieces and the women do too.  These new fangled relationships are perplexing to me.  Why even be in a relationship if one or BOTH of you are cheating? I’m just not sure. I have talked to a few couples where either the man or woman have revealed they had a side piece.

They have their “loves” and then they have the people they sleep with.  Weird. One guy said that he loved his woman at home but he had so much fun with his girl on the side.  He took this woman on dates and bought her gifts and of course had sex with her. Why didn’t he put that much effort into his love?  I asked the guy did the girl on the side know she was a girl on the side and he said yes.

I just have so many questions. Like why would the side piece willingly be that? And how did the dude justify his behavior? And did his wife know?

Dude said his wife didn’t.  I wanted to know how he would feel if she was doing the same and he admitted that he would probably leave her.

This practice is old as time but when the women start having side pieces to “even the score” I almost want to quit life. I mean on one hand more power to ya but on the other hand why even be married?

Why not just be single and date everybody? Why do you have to be in a relationship lying to the person you claim to love?  And if both of you are doing it then what the hell is the point?



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