Okay so I have been thinking about this for a while now…….I have a strong feeling that in a few years no one will be able to think on their own.  Everyone will be too scared to have an opinion that differs from the masses or that is not down to the letter politically correct.

Here’s an example of what I’m saying. I’m author so I’m on a lot of social media sites and I like to give a different take and upload different content on each one so that my followers won’t get bored seeing the same pictures and hearing me say the same thing. On my Pinterest page I talk about things I see while trolling the internets. They are spur of the moment gut check reactions to pictures. And I am mostly talking to my friends.

Anyhoo, this one lady took offense to me saying that Kim Kardashian with out makeup should stay in the house. I mean she took enough offense to say that she sees Kim’s inner beauty shine through. Okay if that were true then Kim K is dead inside because she looks like a zombie in that picture. So when did it become illegal to have an opinion? I mean Kim K is literally selling everything about herself while telling you which products to buy and to watch her every move on an App. We’re supposed to do all that and not have an opinion about her? Really?

I have said this before and I will say it again….There are beautiful people and ugly folks, smart and dumb and able and disabled. That is the way things work. You can have an opinion about these things. You are NOT bullying or SHAMING anyone by stating what you think. I didn’t go post my opinion on anything Kardashian related. I posted it on my Pinterest.

Anyhoo, later on in the week someone asked me about someone I used to work with.

Ummmm…this person is, how do you say???? Stupid.  That dude was special in the most special kind of way. It amazed me that he could operate a vehicle to make it to work every day. I had to explain to him how to do his job on the daily.  Anyway, I was asked about him and the person asking was someone I would tell the truth to  but after I did, I heard it in her voice. She was shocked. She wanted me to be PC. I immediately wondered why she asked ME in the first place. But then I was like– this is sad. We can’t even tell each the truth because it’s not PC  or with the “group”.

Soon we will all be clones of each other, checking to see if the other person agrees before we say anything. Even if we are speaking the truth. We’ll all be clones of the mediocre with not an original thought to be found for miles. We’ll just be a nation of bobble heads. Individuality will have become extinct like the floppy disks of yesteryear.

I am teaching my daughter to think for herself. It might just save her life or at the very least make her life worth living.

Just my opinion.



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