My very bad horrible day

So yesterday I had a horrible day.Let’s start this story off with some TMI. I am experiencing the longest period known to man (not really but for me yes). And I am cranky because of it. Sorry but that sets the mood.

It was my only off day and on my off days I try and get everything done. I tried to get my sticker renewed but to do that I had to get my car inspected. I try to mentally prepare myself for all that entails but I should just popped a bottle of wine.

Anyhoo, I go to the first inspection place and they say they only do inspections Thursday thru Sunday and it was Monday. I roll my eyes and make my way to the next place.

That place was closed down despite having an up to date sign. I go to the third place that is packed to the brim with people. The guy behind the counter is flirting with me. Normally, I would be flattered and move along but like I said the lobby was full of people and it was embarrassing. And it turned out to not be useful. There is nothing more annoying than somebody flirting with you and you ain’t getting anything out of it. Just kidding but kinda not.

Anyhoo, the guy comes out and tells me that I have the wrong insurance. (And I actually did) I had to run to the insurance company to get the right print out. I make my way back to the Jiffy Lube and get back in the incredibly long tortuous line. So much time passes I think I see Father time pick his car up. Finally, my car gets pulled around and I jump for joy. Another dude, not the one that was flirting mercilessly, comes and takes my money and hands me paperwork only to say….”Did they talk to you yet?”

Who is they? It was only one dude that was “talking” to me and he was trying to get the digits. So he sighs and says that my car failed because I need four new tires. FOUR!?

After the shock over the money falling out of my wallet passes, I ask the dude why he wait to tell me all this until AFTER I had paid?! Where was flirty dude? Why couldn’t he have let my tires thru? He’s no where to be seen. Guy 2 starts fast talking me trying to calm me down.

Ugh! Four hours wasted.

So After much ado I get to the tire shop which is also crowded. I wait trying to be a good person….trying. But twenty minutes go by and no one has so much as acknowledged my presence on this earth. Finally a guy makes eye contact with me and nods. I guess that meant,”I see you fuming bitch and I’m coming”.

I go sit in my car….Waiting. Finally, dude comes around to ask me what I need and I tell him four tires. He quotes me a price so high I damn near faint.

Needless to say I do not have new tires. However, I will have to suck it up and get new tires because I have to get my new sticker.

Sprinkle in a bunch of family drama you wouldn’t understand…and it was a horrible day where I wish I would have just stayed in the bed.

Woosah! Adulting sucks.


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