Totally Random #14

Okay this is a total Woosah moment….

I have plenty of people in my life but like I said I keep my circle small. Like pinhole small. Anyhoo….You just gotta beware of the USERS and act accordingly.  Surgically remove  them out of your circle like cancer.

The last few days have been plagued with users.

There are people in my life that I rarely talk to or that don’t have time to talk to me or my absolute favorite…..”Too busy living life” to communicate with me regularly. I know you know what I’m talking about. But then the MOMENT they need you for something, they repel from the ceiling SWAT style. It’s easier to get gum off the bottom of your shoe than to get rid of them when they need you.

They will call and text and at weird ungodly hours or “run into you” somewhere they know you’ll be. They start chatting you up suddenly or hugging you out of no where.  You start getting unexpected “Love” on social media. They’ve been “thinking” about you and say stuff like “You’ve been on my mind.”

I bet I have….. *side eye*

Just beware of these people and pull your best Disappearing Acts routine.


1319738930_homer_simpson_hides_in_hedgeBye Felecia!



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