Quickie #9

Mmkay can we file this one under But Why Tho?

Soooooo…..I posted a quick response to Kim Kardashian’s baby name on my personal Facebook…

Direct Quote: “I hope this ain’t right…Kim Kardashian named her baby Saint West???????”

Now I have a diverse group of friends. Some will like the name and some won’t. I enjoy hearing what they have to say.  What I didn’t expect was this….

N if they did, will your life continue to flourish?” (Facebook Friend)

What the hell is that? So I can’t make commentary on Pop Culture ??? Or am I only supposed to comment on things that impact my life in a deep and meaningful way? Or am I shallow because I took thirty seconds out of my day to comment on some ridiculousness.

Then the person said I acted like I was responding to something negative but no, I was responding to something condescending.  And needlessly so. Anyhoo, the person said that they were just expecting a yes or no answer to their question. I find it all interesting, which is good because I needed something to blog about.

All I have been doing is marketing and writing and being fat….LOL So nothing to write to you all about.





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