Totally Random #15

Okay so I used to be comfortable being naked all the time.  And that resulted in a lot of sex (with my husband of course). But add two kids and an undisclosed amount of weight gain and I am barely naked in the shower.

I have been on this healthy kick and I work out mostly consistently and I feel good about my chubby fine, however, I am still not naked a lot. Especially in front of the Hubbs. And one day he said something to me that is changing my mindset….

He said, “I don’t know what you are covering up for. I still find you very attractive.”

That has been resonating with me since he said it. I have to get it together because I am sure he wants to see the na-na like he used to.

I hope every woman who reads this will listen to what their men tell them. If he still finds you attractive then you need to not be so hard on yourself. Show that man a nipple.



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