Bow Chicka Wow Wow Vol.2

Okay so…..last night I was going to rape my husband. I was just going to be aggressive and take what’s mine. (No one be offended here. I’m playing. Sorta) Any way I made mental plans to get it popping at a certain time.

But wouldn’t you know it my Hubbs went to sleep. Now I have awoken him in the night for sex plenty of times before and he doesn’t complain which is great because there is a total double standard here. If he woke me up for sex he might get punched in the face.

Just being Honest.

Anyhoo, I was about to go for mine when I realized he was truly tired from being at work all day and having a pretty stressful week. And he was like really FOR REALS sleep so I let him snooze. But then that left me waking up every ten minutes and twisting and turning all night.

Damn my sweet considerate nature. I should have just rode myself into a good nights sleep and called it a day. And in the end he wouldn’t have minded that much. Lesson Learned.



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