My thoughts for 2016

Okay So… Last year was a successful year as a whole for me but it also had its fails, too. One was to work less but inevitably, because of my drive and responsibility, I wound up working more. I never went anywhere which was my MAJOR goal so that’s a fail. Another fail is certain relationships. I have stated often that I keep my friendship circles small. I also state that I only deal with family. Well it turns out, family can do you just as dirty as strangers will. Now I am not going to put all the business out there but I was hurt by the actions of these family members. Here’s a little tidbit about me. I am not an emotional person usually. Because of certain occurrences  in my life I learned to put my emotions in a box and lock them away. Except when it comes to family. When it comes to family or people I love,  I feel things deeply and I don’t know what to do with them. SO now when stuff happens with my family, I tend to get all depressed and bewildered as to how these things can happen. Anyhoo, this year I plan on focusing less on how to take care of other people (even if they are family) and instead focus on my own happiness.

I was headed into 2016 all motivated and hopeful with a plan in place. But wouldn’t you know it….Three days in to the dang new year and I hit a snag. It was really a set back and I have to start all over.  I started thinking all negatively, like life doesn’t want me to be positive and I can’t get ahead and stuff like that.

Then I watched a documentary on Netflix called Making a Murderer and it touched me so much I had to take a hard look at what I was complaining about in my own life. I have a really good life and if I still work a lot in 2016 like I did in 2015, that’s okay because I am blessed to have good jobs. And moreover, I am able to be a successful writer which I know is something lots of people wish they could do.

If my family disappoints me this year (which they have already done and I know will continue to do so) at least I still have family. And also I can cut them off if they bring me down too much. (Real Talk)

I am alive and free. I woke up this morning with the ability to change the things that I don’t like. I can see and hear and move. I was able to kiss my sweet little girl and see her smile. My husband still loves my fat ass and I have someone to walk in this life with.  I have a beautiful home and a wonderful life.  I have middle class problems like waiting on hold for damn near an hour to clear something up that is a clerical error that someone else made, rather than having third world problems like having no clean water to drink. I am thankful for my gallon of Crystal Geyser water that I drink from religiously.

So in short (or long)….Although I do have goals for this year (because that’s just how I roll) there is no new year, new me happening. There is just thankfulness.

I am THANKFUL in 2016.



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