Not today

So okay, Here’s me posting or saying something I think is funny or interesting and someone jumps in the convo, messages me or comments on the post, something condescending from their soapbox.

It has happened multiple times over the past month so you KNOW I am about to blog about it. LOL

Look, I am not saying I am right 100% of the time (even though I am) so I can take on a new perspective or have my eyes opened to something I may have missed. But when we’re talking about satire or a dirty joke not directed towards you or just a pop culture reference….chill. No need to step up to the plate to show Vi what she has wrong. It’s not that serious.

No, really….I have a lot of shit going on in my real life. If I post my take on something that is clearly nonsensical then go with that. I’m being silly. Why so serious, Batman? I mean, you are free to think I’m an idiot (You’d be wrong but you are free to think that)

But know this….If you come for me, I will not cower. I will not be bullied. I will not be ‘taught’. I will not have it….Not today.



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