Why all the hate, Bey?

Okay here comes my obligatory why the Beyonce hate post…..

Unless you live under a rock or on a deserted island you know that Beyonce basically owned this weekend.  And so me being the fan (not Stan) I am, I lost my damn shit.  I posted a WHOLE lot on my personal social media pages. Basically, I was live posting all my real time emotions and reactions. LOL.

Anyhoo, I read all the hate that followed. I really don’t understand the negativity.  First off, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with supporting another human being. I think we all should do that every once in a while. It may just help your overall demeanor. Secondly, I am a black woman supporting another black woman. Also something that should be done more often.

Then lets break this down….Basically , Bey dropped a video that was not only visually stunning but socially aware and let’s all say it…PRO BLACK. Whether you like her or not, that is something to get behind. Immediately, I saw people posting (and some on my page) how they thought it was wack and mediocre. You missed all the damn symbolism and direct messages?

Let Awesome Luvvie break it down for you….

Beyonce’s Formation is Her Best Thing Yet and it’s the IDGAF Anthem

Also I acknowledge I was in full stage 2 all weekend….see what the stages are here…

Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyoncé Event


Why all the Bey Hate? She is just singing and dancing and performing in outstanding fashion. She ain’t kicking puppies and stealing money out cho wallet….

Okay so personally, I have always been a fan of Bey and supported her because we are around the same age (I said around) and are both from Houston. I always feel like if she can make it so can I. I have owned her albums but none resonated fully with me like the last album.  I swear we co-wrote that Beyonce album together and then collabo-ed on all the videos.  And that is five albums in, not even counting Destiny’s child, for me to be all in.

But back to my original point. So what if I lose my shit and get excited over Beyonce doing what she does? My life can get really mundane being an adult. I don’t get all hyped up over doing the same shit over and over ad nauseam.  I rarely have things to look forward to or go crazy for, so when I do, I DO!!!! So sorry (Not Sorry) if that bothers you.

So here’s some things you may want to stick your fingers in your ears for (Because I may lose my shit) in the upcoming year.  Beyonce’s new album when it drops.  If Lady Gaga drops a new album and announces a tour. Really anything Lady Gaga related. Jason Bourne. Marvel movies. My new Books coming out. ANYTHING Rock related. Me going to Wrestlemania if I go. Me going to WrestleCon if I go.  Me losing weight and possibly hitting my goal weight.

You have been warned! Carry on with your day.




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