Not a Beyonce Post!

Hahahahah Okay so since every post or story I read is something Beyonce related, I thought I would give y’all a break.

I think people are going way too far with that shit but I will save those thoughts for another day.

Anyhoooo… I have a couple friends….Maybe more than a couple friends that post these evasive ass vague ass don’t really mean nothing posts all the damn time. It’s an obvious, “Hey look at me. I’m clever and mysterious. Don’t you want to know to know what I’m talking about?” No. I don’t. I want to know why you keep doing it when your friends who probably know what you’re talking about don’t even give you a courtesy like.

And  I’m not talking about the obvious life sucks post that you go ask what’s going on with them and they say nothing post. I’m talking about posts that don’t correlate to anything or any subject that really could be utter nonsense. Lemme see if I can create one.

On this day seven years ago…..

But they never say what happened. So what,Bish????  Did you get you get your period? Did you graduate from high school? Did you contract an STD? What?

Or the obscure song lyric post. Now look, I know everyone has been jamming to some song and posted the lyrics. But if the lyrics are something like…. A head full of headaches and a heart that’s full of woes…. YOU ARE NOT JUST JAMMING THAT SHIT. You’re going through something and posting that is a cry for help. Nobody readily knows those are song lyrics. Well I do because I know that song and I picked it because it’s a little shout out to my Hubbs. But  you get the point.

One time, one of my friends posted a picture of like a blurry hummingbird with the caption….Because I know.

KNOW WHAT? You just want people to ask about it. That is the same thing as posting a picture of you in the hospital but won’t tell nobody why you’re in there. FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOR. If you ain’t want nobody to know because you’re so private then here’s a suggestion….Don’t post a picture of you in the hospital. Nobody is going to ask you if you are in the hospital and why on a random Tuesday morning. You would be safe.

And yes, a FEW of my friends have pulled the hospital stunt.

Well, I hope we can clear up our posts in the future. LOL



One thought on “Not a Beyonce Post!

  1. I know what you mean and I hate those stupid posts. Is like if they want to say something, but then again… they don’t. I think that they just want to get attention but they don’t want to get too much attention, but what the fuck? Do they wanted? Or don’t they? People should stop posting those stupid posts. They really get to me.

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