*sigh* The Grammy’s

Okay so….I have so many feels about the Grammy’s. So many…..

I have never thought of myself as militant or super political or “Pro-Black”.  I’m just a black woman living and trying to survive in this world.  I have dealt with racism pretty much on every level. In small ways and in large….Years apart and daily.

At my day job last year a lady called me “Gal”. It was 2015.

I’m not saying that the Grammy’s is racist…But with all that said I watched the Grammy’s last night and I felt steam coming out of my ears.

We’ll start with the Maurice White tribute….Penatonix and Stevie Wonder sing one song half assed.

How to recognize dog faceThat was my face.

My Hubbs was watching with me and basically telling me to calm down.  But I saw what was happening.  You couldn’t have allotted a little less time to Taylor Swift or Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood to get an ACTUAL tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire?!!! Oh okay.

And then the BB King tribute came on. Now look I fully support diversity. I know who Chris Stapleton is and appreciate his talent but GOTTTTTDAMNIT why was he doing the BB King tribute? It made no sense. If it were just about having a white artist there to pay tribute then why wasn’t it just Bonnie Rait and Gary Clark, Jr.???? Bonnie knew BB King and loved him. She played with him.  I could not make it thru with out pausing several times and pacing.

My Hubbs was coming over to my side a little bit. He was starting to see things as I did but then the Eagles Glenn Frey tribute came on and he came on DOWN (Price is right). Not one random black person thrown in for diversity. And a full set. Not Stevie Wonder and muthertrukin Penatonix with a funky ass half a song sang acapella. He asked me to fast forward through it even though we are both Eagles fans because it was boring. (Later on he was like, “Did they even pay tribute to Glenn Frey?” and I was like yeah you made me fast forward it)

Then the Kendrick Lamar performance came on……. *Insert Prayer Hands*  It was everything. It was the Bey Superbowl 50 halftime show times Africa. My heart shouted and I had to wipe tears from eyes. I applauded when it was over. I immediately wanted to watch it again. I wanted to wake my children and have them gather round the TV to hear the sage words from Uncle K. DOT. I needed that. I could just hear the ignorants of America calling RACIST.  Saying that he was Anti-Police instead Pro-Black man. It didn’t matter. This was OUR moment.

The Lionel Richie tribute…..just why? John Legend with his weird arrangement of Easy like Sunday Morning.  Then Demi Lavato.  Okay I like Demi Lavato A LOT!!!! But why mayne? Why? Luke muthatrukin Bryan????? And then they threw Tyrese up on the end. *slowly shakes head* Lionel Richie gets up and shows them how its done.

Okay  so then Lady Gaga whom I am in love with. I want to move in with Gaga and Taylor and have weird sex with them covered in like paint and whiskey. But that David Bowie tribute was long. A little time could have been given to Maurice White to at least have two songs so that I could remember what they were.

In between, the Alabama Shakes gave me LIFE!!!!

Motorhead….. I enjoyed the tribute. And again my Hubbs is a major fan. But where was the random black person in there….for diversity??

So by this time, I was ready to write my local Representative.  Then Taylor Swift wins Album of the year over K.DOT. There is not a chance in hell I believe that. No. Just No. I want to throw an old school temper tantrum. The kind that my mama would have to told me to go pick out my own switch for (You may or may not know what this means).

I was fit to be tied. I think my eyes crossed. So……here comes surprise Beyonce. But her dress didn’t fit her right and it looked like she had on four earrings so I was still mad as hell.

Now its time to wrap up the show. Who we got? MUTHATRUKIN Pitbull. Why LAWD? This has no bearing on race or diversity. Just why Pitbull?! He’s coming out of a box surrounded by girls yet again.  This time instead of an all white suit he’s wearing all black. Ooohh the change up. He’s singing a song that we don’t know. But it’s ripping off a reggae song that I like. But I look it up and Pitbull actually stole that horrible song from another artist named Osmani Garcia. Pitbull was just a feature on the song originally. But now he was singing it as his own on the Grammy’s.  Where is Daddy Yanky? Where is Don Omar?

All in all……I was kinda wishing for Kanye West to repel from the ceiling and speak some of his truth jibberish. But in the immortal words of Kendrick Lamar….

We gone be alright.





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