*Prayer Hands* Amber Rose

Okay so….Amber Rose appeared on Rev Run and Tyrese’s show….whatever it’s called.  I guess they had her on talking about rape culture.  I don’t think the episode has aired yet. I don’t know if I will watch when it does . Here is the part that stuck with me….

She is talking about people touching her in the club. And first Tyrese tries to compare unwanted touching to a guy wearing basketball shorts being asked to play basketball. *heavy sigh*

That is so stupid I squinted at the computer screen.

squintSweet Jesus. Is this a phenomenon?  Guys being forced into B ball games because of the way they’re dressed? Sheesh!

Then Rev Run bust out with a, “Dress how you want to be addressed”.  Now while this is a good rule of thumb for work or trying to attract the right man, this does not apply for getting groped. I can not tell how hard I rolled my eyes.

Rolling-my-eyes-so-hardThis picture was pretty close.

Look Rev, YOUR OWN daughters are often photographed in revealing clothing and bikinis. At any time, if one of them came to him and said someone groped them at the beach while they were wearing a bikini (which is as close to naked you can get in public) I bet he would be out to beat that ass before he called the police. I am also sure he wouldn’t be like she deserved to be felt up because of her lack of clothing. And let’s be real here.  It doesn’t matter what a woman wears, she can still be alluring to a man even if she is covered from head to toe.

Amber makes a good point about being in a club with her girls. I remember once I was in the club and I was walking thru the crowd to get a drink and a guy groped me. And when I say groped me…let me explain. He hooked two fingers up like he was trying to reach my G-spot. If I had not had underwear on, he would have been inside me.  A guy whom I had never met and had not spoken a word to or had even seen his face, would have been inside me. My girl Dorian may remember what happened next… I two pieced that fool and knocked him on his ass. He jumped up and tried to hit me back but two actual nice guys came to my defense before security kicked him out. I didn’t ask for that.

I’m sick and tired of men telling us it’s the WOMAN’S fault for turning them on. You should dress like the Amish and keep your eyes to the ground, for Pete’s sake NEVER smile at a guy, and pray to GAWD that your attire doesn’t touch him in his rapey place. Why does society not expect mean to grow up out of the toddler stage of “Me want. I touch.” Why not just keep your damn hands and body parts to your damn self? Eventually, some woman is going to WANT you to touch her. Just wait for that.

There is no male equivalent to dressing like you want it. Women don’t go around grabbing men’s cocks because he was sporting major eggplant in his sweatpants. This just doesn’t happen. And if it did happen????? Guess what? He wasn’t asking for it and didn’t deserve to be violated.

Here is the clip of Amber. I have attached an article with the clip because I found the comments mad amusing.

Amber on Jezebel.com





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