Just had to say…

Okay so…In a time when Human Nature is just perplexing AF to me, I am over the moon grateful when one of my friends shows me what friendship really is.

I was thinking about one of my homies that ain’t my homie no mo. Really a song came on the radio that we used to super turn up to and it made me smile and get a little nostalgic. I was just about to think, “I miss her.” But I got a text.

One of my friends texted me that she hoped I was having a good day and sent me an article she thought I’d like. I opened it. And wouldn’t you know?! It WAS an article that I liked and it was right inline with what I had been thinking about this week.

It made me smile and realize that when people are your friends they do stuff like THAT not talk behind your back or wish for your downfall. If someone is gone from your life…It’s for a reason.

So I just had to say….Thanks Marina! Love you Bae!



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