Gott Dang it Amber Rose

Okay so….  Ya’ll know I cut for Amber Rose but she done gone and said some reckless shizz about Bey.

So basically in her journey to keep people from telling the truth about slutty women, she has jumped to Kim K’s defense of putting yet another nekkid picture on IG. I can not tell you how hard I rolled my eyes at that shit and the subsequent “essay” to follow. We all know how I feel about her and that mess but for the record…Posting naked pictures of yourself on social media does not qualify for women’s lib. In fact, I know not ONE man who is constantly posting naked pics of himself because he is free and liberated. NOT ONE.  Although, I would pay good money for the Rock to do so.

I digress…..So Amber is jumping in to defend fellow slut club member Kim K for inherent sluttiness and drags Bey into it. She said that no one slams Bey for being sexy and half naked performing.  Okay keywords here are half-naked, performing and being sexy.

I have never seen actual nakedness from Bey as in her naked ass twerking, her nipples or her pink meat. I have seen ALL of that from Amber and Kim K. And I have never seen any kind of sex tape from Bey either. That’s your answer Amber.

You and Bey are NOT the same therefore you will not be slut shamed the same. Bey did get her fair share of flack for being sexy. IE: The Grammy’s IE: Her whole last album

So Amber Rose you need to have a continuous escalator type contraption of seats. Move around Muva.

If you are interested in what Amber Rose said, here ya go.

Amber Rose Slams Beyonce For Dressing Sexy: Haters Come At Me For It — But Not Her?



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