Everything ain’t hate

Okay so….Remember that blog I wrote about the best email I had ever read?  Well my homette who was talking to that dude went out on a date with another winner.

Let me begin by describing my friend. She’s tall (like 6 feet tall) with a pretty face and a woman’s body.  She has a beautiful outgoing personality and on top of all that she is independent and sexy. There is a reason we are friends.

Now today’s subject matter is near and dear to my heart because I am also a tall woman (5’10).

Here’s what happened…

She went out on a date with this guy and at some point he asked if she was born a man and then made her pay for her drink.

Ugh! I know. I wanted to take a bath when she told me that. EEW. Come on guy!!!

Now this is where things get interesting. (Yeah I know it was ALREADY interesting) But she posted her experience on her FB page.  Her friends had the right responses. Support. Outrage. Sympathy. Anger.

And then there were these two gay guys. Now keep in mind we have a lot friends in the LGTBQ community because we are a loving and accepting open group. I don’t want anyone to be offended because I said two gay guys because there were other gay gays commenting but I am specifically speaking of these two guys that were gay and had their hackles up and ready to defend a perceived insult.

One posts….”I’m  sad that transgender is associated with so much negativity and hate in this post.” And the other one says…..”Glad I am not the only one that noticed that. I know a lot of trans people that are way more beautiful than most of the cis gender people I know.”


I had to scroll up and read the whole post again and see if anyone said anything about transgender people in any negative way. I didn’t read one “Fuck trannies!” Or “Transgenders suck!” Not one! All I saw was. “That guy is an idiot!” and “You are beautiful.” and “You are clearly all woman.”

The fact that the second guy said that he knows transgenders who are more beautiful than what I’m assuming he’s calling natural women is a slap in the face of my friend. That was basically saying…..I know men prettier than you so you shouldn’t feel offended. Why on earth would a woman be offended by a man saying you look like you could possibly have a penis? (I am being sooooo sarcastic here.)

Let me break this down for anyone who is having an issue with this…If anyone calls a woman a transgender or questions her gender then they are NOT paying this woman a compliment. This is NOT going to make any natural born woman feel good. Well maybe if you were a stud (look it up).

Only an actual Transgendered woman MAYBE wouldn’t be offended by this. MAYBE. See the thing about femininity is that is the very essence of a woman. NO woman, transgender or natural born, wants their VERY ESSENCE besmirched, questioned, belittled or disrespected.

That gentleman, is not hate towards transgendered people. It is love for a woman.

And P.S.  Height does not make you manlike. Height makes you statuesque. Still a woman.

P.P.S Plenty of fish dating site is full of Plenty of Duds



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