Just to catch you up

Okay So… I have been distracted lately. Let me tell you what’s been going on.

First, I do public speaking on women’s issues and sex and relationships. I enjoy this immensely. I also speak about organizing your life. If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s organizing shit.  Anyhoo, I’m a public speaker. What I’m not???? A Sex Therapist!

Yeah I said it. Sex Therapist! Maybe one day I will make that change but as of 2016…NOPE. So here’s the breakdown. My mom comes up to me and says I got you a speaking referral. I’m like cool. Do they have my info? She’s like yeah, be expecting a call.

Cool. Cool. So I get a message about the Gig. The guy leaves the details. He wants me to counsel his boss for sex addiction because you know, I’m a therapist. Again….Nope. He leaves ALL this dude’s info on my voicemail. ALL. Meanwhile. I am over here dying.

Now if he wants me to talk about sex from a woman’s point of view, I got him. But giving him therapy to cure him of sleeping with everything with a hole??? I am not his girl.  So I had to ask my mother to politely call these people back and let them know that is not in my realm of awesomeness.

Mmkaay….then on a personal note. I’ve been feeling like straight trash lately. I went to the doctor and found out I have a whole host of problems.  It’s tough and it was definitely shocking but don’t cry for me Argentina. Getting better is my main focus. I took a minute to have a pity party for one and then I got back to doing what I do. Planning my victory. The hardest thing about trying to get better is the sitting on my ass. I want to get up and do the things I normally do. Unfortunately, I HAVE to sit my stubborn ass down in order to heal.  I feel like I need to get up. I know all the things that are stacking up around my house. I juggle so much during one day and I know what is waiting on me.

However, I am making the changes that need to be made and doing what I have to do. I have to stick around here for my family and to finish Jail Bait 2.

Anyhoo….here’s my advice to you good folks. Listen to your body and go to the doctor. Take care of yourselves. You only have this one body and this one life. Value it.



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