Valentine’s Day

Okay I know it’s been a while….I apologize.

If you read the last post, then you know I have been dealing with some health issues. It has taken me a while to get back into the groove of things. Some days I wake up too sick to do anything but things are getting better. I’ll blog about my health issues later but for now…..

So I realize I may have been married too long to enjoy Valentine’s day. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE love and being in love. And I am in love but my husband isn’t necessarily one of those guys that makes every day Valentine’s day. So I really enjoy the days that he’s supposed to make me feel special. At this point I have realized that we aren’t rich so I’m not getting diamonds every year or getting whisked off to a private island. (Which would be heaven) I still have a day job so I work pretty much every Valentine’s. So somewhere around year 14 (of marriage) I started taking V-Day for granted like it was just any other day. I know. That’s depressing coming from a romance writer but it’s true.

All I really want at this point is Pappasitos and sex. Or at least the Pappasitos.

I was telling all this to my single friend. And in turn basically told she me to shut my married ass up and be happy I have someone to spend the day with.

I had to take a step back and be grateful I have someone who loves me and also is not trying to spend the day before or after Valentine’s with a side piece.

My friend asked me when was the last time I was single on Valentine’s day. I had to think about it but I do remember. The year was 1996. Yes, I remember the year exactly. And yes I am that old. Anyhoo. the year was 1996 and I was newly single. I was purposely being single for a year to find out what I wanted in a relationship since I had had a boyfriend since I was 12.
I remember going to a party the day before that was for the single “Playas”. It was fun but I was bored. It did, however, take my mind off of being lonely. Then the big day came.

This guy that I thought was cute bought a huge teddy bear for my friend and took her to lunch. This was a single girl joy killer since I thought he was bringing the teddy bear for me and when they left I was all alone. Really alone. Not blissfully alone like I thought it was going to be.

I went to a pop up give away site where the local radio station was giving away concert tickets to singles and setting them up on dates.

I wound up getting set up on a date with a nice guy from my college. Tim. I remember him well. He was so nice…and tall. He was cute, too. Tim from Chicago. I was all set to go to the concert with Tim so headed back to class…where I ran into Mark. Mark was clearly a jerk but he was also cute with a nice car. Now I am not the bad boy type but I gave it a try because he was over the top asking me out in front of everyone.

I started the day off with no dates and ended it with two. I was feeling myself Bey/Nikki style but that would soon be short lived. I went on the first date with Tim who was a complete doll and then went out with Mark who was a complete jerk.

First off, I drove to Mark’s house which was far as fuck…..I had to stop for gas and locked my keys in the car. I had to call Pop-A-Lock to get my keys out which cost me $75. I was in one funky ass mood crying and what not. I called Mark to help me which he did not do, instead he begged me to still come to his house since I was so close.

I get to Mark’s house and find out he lives with his parents. I know it was college and that’s normal but I lived in my own house and I thought when he said “his crib” he meant his own not his mama’s. I was already frazzled from the car thing and then I get there and his mom opened the door. He rushes past her and invites me up to his room. I was immediately on high alert.

I was turned off by the fact that the guy was going to make a move on me in his room with his parents downstairs. And let’s not forget his little sister kept coming in. It was extremely uncomfortable. I thought we going to get to know each other or play video games or watch a movie but instead (and this is the worst part) he tells me to give him a blow job. Just right out like that.

I had just met him THAT day and he had me drive across town instead of picking me up or meeting him somewhere closer. He didn’t take me anywhere AND we were at his parents’ house, yet he thought all he had to do was pull his pants down and I was going to blow him?

All that self confidence I was feeling earlier was flushed down the toilet with one slimy request. I rethought my whole approach to being single and grabbed my bag. On the way out I told his little sister to come and take note. Never date jerks like her brother then I made my grand exit. It was the worst V-day I’d ever had and I vowed to never be single on Valentine’s again. I haven’t either.

So maybe I need to be a little more appreciative of the day.

What happened with Tim? We dated a hot minute but he wanted to marry me on less than two months of dating. It freaked me out and I dumped him.

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