Snapchat? Is it okay to look now?

Okay so admittedly I’m an old lady. I try to stay abreast of various social media platforms and whatnot but I ain’t got time to be on every new thing. I barely tweet and almost never do it on my personal twitter page. I Facebook constantly cuz that’s my thang. Snapchat is just so I can send my OOTD (outfits of the day) to my wifey (my best friend forever).

Recently, I noticed my husband uses Snapchat…a lot. Now I ain’t stupid, I understand that women in various levels of undress are on there and that’s prolly why he’s on there, so I decided to become more involved. What I didn’t expect was to be entertained by my husband’s snaps. I don’t know why not since I’ve always thought my husband was clever (only part of the reason why I married him *bobs eyebrows*) but his coverage of his work day exploits are damned funny.

Anyhoo, today I decide that I may actually start using Snapchat for reals like other people. I go and add all the folks who added me. Now I know I am hella late. Like I said, I am old but DAAAANNNGGG….. so dudes just putting their penises out there to women who ain’t said boo to them? That’s how y’all rolling?

I mean, I’m sure the reverse is also true but I didn’t discover a bunch vajayjays. Nope. I opened my Snapchat to find a bunch of “Hey Girl, Look at my dick” messages.

I immediately did some house cleaning so that I could try and enjoy social media. I’m not giving up on SnapChat just yet. I have to see what DJ Khaled and Blacc Chyna are out there doing.

P.S. You dudes really need to stop sending your penises to women. Also, invest in some lotion.

Just my 2 cents.


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