Just random ish

Okay so…. I have been struggling with writing about my health issues. Mainly because once you write about something it is out there for all to judge and know. And although, I am the truthsayer and blogger of all, the personal ones are always the hardest.

That being said…I still ain’t ready. LOLOLOL

The other day one of my friends asked the question if I’d go on a date to McDonald’s with my man. First of all, I have been married for 18 years and with that man for 20. Hells yes I would, and have, and will again go on a date to McDonald’s. With no shame and be damn happy to be there.

We went on a date to Taco Cabana yesterday and it was the happiest I had been in a week sitting on that patio. We have been on fancy ass dates and all there is in between. We love it all but I think the most fun we have is on the cheapo dates.

Anyhoo, I was asked to tell this story about one of the expensive ones. So here it is… One Valentine’s my Hubbs actually planned some shit out. You have to understand how monumental that is. He usually tries to ATTEMPT to plan and then gives up and tells me so I can help make decisions, which ruins the whole “planning/surprise” thing.

Anyway, this particular year he does all the work and takes me to this fancy restaurant that is like super expensive. I was so excited that I got my glam on extra hard. Shaved everything and was ready for all shenanigans to pop off.

Right off the bat, they make us take a picture that I wasn’t prepared for (You know we have to get our pose on to catch the right angles) but the Hubbs was telling me how pretty I looked and so I smiled and kept it moving. The service was good but the food was not all that and it wasn’t filling. The best thing about the whole meal was this cheese grate cylinder thing the salad came in. That thing was delicious. But everything else was ehh.

But here was the most memorable part of the night. They had live entertainment. A dude playing a guitar and walking around singing. He would start on the stage with a band set up and then go from table to table. Nothing new there. But when he got to our table this fool stayed. I mean he was there so long that he pulled up a chair.

I wanted to feel like we were special but after about 20 minutes, it became annoying. But then it went from annoying back to amusing again because dude started spitting game. Yup. Right in front of my husband….on Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I broke out in a fit of the giggles because this guy was dead serious. He would compliment me and then play a few chords on the guitar. Now you can full on picture what this guy looked like. Shiny button down shirt, open too much at the neck. Hair slicked back in a ponytail. A chain with a medallion on it. And don’t forget the guitar.

I imagine his speil must have worked on someone. I could not have been the first woman he hit on in front of her husband. And the way he was doing it? Your smile lights up this room *strums guitar*. He is a lucky man to have such a beautiful woman by his side *strums guitar*. I would love for you to see my homeland *strums guitar*. Not singing it either. Just spitting game and strumming the guitar.

After thirty minutes of trying and not succeeding in wooing my panties off, he moved on but only after pinning me with a meaningful stare. He didn’t do that to anyone else. We were waiting. But he more or less made his way around the room and back on stage. My only regret is that I didn’t take a picture with this guy for posterity.



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