New Friend Who dis?

Okay so….Before I begin..Hey! I know its been a while but you know…life. Anyhoo. Okay so…I have a friend that recently redefined what our friendship was going to be moving forward. Now before y’all start with the “Eff that hoe” and what not, know that from their standpoint it was for a good reason. I didn’t necessarily agree but I understood.

But for the sake of keeping the freindship alive, I kind of (loosely) went along with it. But here’s the thing. I don’t want to make a new friend (I really like the old one). I kinda feel like a chump seeing as how I am the FIRST person to chunk someone duece. Like I feel like the song Cut that Bitch Off was made by me. Anywhoo….

I don’t know what’s happening to me in my old age.  Maybe I am softening, Maybe I am valuing connections and people more. I don’t know. But this softer side of me sucks. LOL

Okay so here’s a quick update on the new books. I got your messages! I understand. I looked up and almost a year has passed since I put out a new book. I have two in pipeline. I am not sure which one will make it out first but I can confirm one of them is Jail Bait 2. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The other is one have I been hinting at called Risk it All. Oh and it’s a good one. Sometimes I wonder how I don’t get myself pregnant from writing these things they’re so hot.


Stay tuned!

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