Sorry I’ve been away

Okay, so it’s been a minute since I was able to Blog. I literally blog (and write) when I am inspired. With all the deaths that have been happening in 2016 (both celebs and personally) I have been trying to get my shit together.

Not to mention all things Bey! #Lemonade

So I have been taking time to let everything soak in. I took a vacay with the Hubbs and was reinvigorated and rejuvenated. But here is my two cents about something I have been seeing a lot lately…

Since lemonade was released, a lot of people have been throwing shade on women who stay with their men after they cheat.  Okay so slow your roll.

I know some women (even the ones who are throwing shade) that have stayed with a man that they are NOT married to through MULTIPLE women. And I mean multiple. I’m talking side piece GALORE.  That dude ain’t committed nothing to you but a kid and an occasional dicking. I am not a proponent of this. In fact, if you are just dating a dude and he cheats on you, there is no forgiveness to be had. In my opinion, he has done you a favor. Move on.

But if you are married, I feel like you should try to work on your marriage and save it because you have made a spiritual and physical commitment. HOWEVER, I do feel like there are limits to this. If you find out your dude has been with MULTIPLE women or that he has had a side piece since the minute y’all started talking or he is meeting and getting nasty with internet chicks or social media chicks. If he is spending house money on women or dealing with straight prostitutes or men, then you need to cut that dude loose.

Besides all that, it’s my belief that women will fight harder for a man that is NOT theirs (meaning not married to) than a man that is theirs before GOD. This saddens me because I know that marriage is hard and temptation is strong.  I have seen it time and time again with married folks.  Anyhoo…I started taking note of all the memes coming thru my timeline. Y’all talking bout– I’d rather be single than serving lemonade—are never gonna be married successfully.

Now don’t jump down my throat! Not every marriage is going to experience cheating. But what if it does? I am not a push over namby pamby wife that accepts bullshit by any means but I would like to believe that I would fight for what’s mine.

Anyhoo…that is just my two cents. Please stop making fun of married folk trying to be married. Take your single hating ass elsewhere. LOL